Sunday, December 14, 2008

                                                        This Halloween I got the brilliant idea of trying polka dots on  pumpkins and the picture doesn't really do them justice but they turned out really cute in the dark. Every year I try something new on the pumpkins and I think this design is a keeper!
                                              So this is three quarters of the gang on Halloween night, Miranda actually went trick or  treating with her best friend. I can 't believe she's old enough to do that...snif....snif.....but here's the rest of the zoo without her,
                                                       Thank goodness for recycled costumes. I think Miranda wore this once and this was Chloe's second time as our little witch. She really is a photogenic kid!
                                                       Noah loves all things construction, so he was our resident Bob the Builder. Need I say more, just look at that mug, he was in heaven!!!
                                                       Savannah was a 'recycled' kitty and she is such a poser, I didn't even tell her what to do I just point the camera and click.
                                                       Christian really wanted to be a vampire for Halloween but  by the time we got to the costume store all they had in his size was the doctor scrubs. At least the outfit was only 13 bucks. What a cheapskate I am!!!
                                                       In case you don't recognize the get up, Miranda, is dressed up as thing one from Dr. Suess. Her best bud, Megan, was thing two and they came up with it on their own, went shopping together and trick or treated on their own!!! It's kind of fun to see them get a little self reliant but I guess they have to do it sometime. It's bittersweet, more sweet than bitter to see them turn into people and have a life. Anyway, that's our Halloween '08 and we hope you all had a wonderful holiday with many more to come!!!


Sessions said...

Amber it looks like it is time to update, Halloween has been over for awhile unless your goal is to wait 8 more months then you will be right on time. The kids look great in there costumes!!!!

Sky said...

I Love the picture at the top!! Sky and I both smile and we said "we love that family" hope you are all doing well.